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Would you like to see your language here?

We are accepting and welcoming volunteers to read news in any language, even if you are not native you are welcome to send us audios in English and Spanish, coz these are international languages and the most accent the better.

Every language is welcome (even constructed languages), you can to choose a file from any blog, online newspaper, or even your own text, we only need a copy of it or a link to it. Together send us your name, language, country, State (if applicable) and city (you were born or have the accent from), like this: 

Jimmy Mello – Portuguese – Brazil – Minas Gerais – Belo Horizonte

If you have two mother tongues, or don’t live in your country, you have to write it like this:

Jimmy Mello – Spanish (2nd) – Brazil – Catalonia – Barcelona

Which means that I have Spanish as my second language, but I live in Brazil, so I can have an influence of my local language.

If you are reading in English, but it’s not your mother tongue you have to write after english the letter EFL, with means English Foreign language, and if you have a particular pronunciation (American, Canadian, British, Australian, New Zealand or even Indian).

Jimmy Mello – English (EFL) – Brazil – British

As it’s a volunteering service, you can make your own advertisement at  at the end of each audio following this format:

“This is XXXXXX, I’m a (translator, teacher, coach etc), you can have more information about me on my (website, blog or facebook page) that is on the article at news in slow languages dot com you can have further information”

So, you can send us either a small banner or your information.

Everything should be sent to: